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Allowed Filament Brands

At the current point the following brands for the given filament type are allowed for usage in EzVz.

Filament Brands Min Temperature
ABS Polymaker, 3D4Makers, Extrudr, Material4print, Formfutura, 3Djake, Fiberlogy, Azurfilm 260°C
ASA Polymaker, Prusament, 3DO, Extrudr, 3DJake, Azurfilm, Fiberlogy, Formfutura 270°C
ezPC 3DXtech 280°C
PC CF Prusament, 3DXtech 295°C
PPS CF Luvocom, Essentium 350°C

• PPS Needs to be annealed in order to be allowed to be shipped and ability to do so will be checked. Parts will start warping/creeping otherwise.

Banned brands/Fillament

Fillament Brand
ABS+ Esun
PA Any
Print Settings Amount
Line width 0.4mm
Infill 42%
Top Layers 4
Bottom Layers 4
Walls 4