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3. Z-Assembly & Bed

Z Overview

The proper alignment procedure of the VZ235 is the same as on the VZ330 only difference is the length of the alignment tools. Make sure to check out the YouTube video explaining how to align your Z-assembly, so it is both smooth and lines up with the possible travel of the printhead.

  1. Lower rod & leadscrew bracket
  2. Bed assembly
  3. Top rod mounts
  4. Single z-motor
  5. Z-switch & bed chain

Video tutorial

Vz235 Build Part 2: The Z-axis

00:00 Intro
01:27 Parts overview
02:10 Bed assembly
13:27 Oldham couplers
15:46 Leadscrew brackets
19:34 Z-motor bracket
21:47 Pulleys & belt
23:25 Z-motor & belt tension
23:56 Pulley alignment
25:09 Outro 🍺