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9.1 Top Cover hinges




Material Quantity Notes
5mm x 50mm shaft 2 -
M4 14mm or 15mm 8 -
M4 12mm 2 The top two ones
M4 t-nut 10 -



File name Amount to print
Left top 1
Left middle 1
Left bottom 1
Right top 1
Right middle 1
Right bottom 1

Step 1

Attach both top parts to the enclosure lid if using F3ds kit there should be pre-drilled holes.

Step 2

Attach bottom part loosely.

Step 3

Connect the middle part on both sides to your lid with the 5mm shaft.

Step 4

Place the lid on top of your VzBoT and slot the middle pieces in to the bottom parts and finally tighten the bottom part

Step 5

Repeate Step 1 - 4 for the second hinge

Step 6

Assemble the head “frame” ….. TODO