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3.6 Y-axis endstop

Mounting the Y-axis (mechanical) endstop switch

Y endstop location point-out



Material Quantity Notes
M2 10mm screw 2  
M4 8mm screw 1  
M4 t-nut 1  
D2F Microswitch 1 D2F with lever

Printed parts

Part Quantity
Y Endstop Mount 1


  1. Solder the Y-axis endstop wires to the Common and Normally Closed (NC) pins of the microswitch. Use heatshrink to insulate the contacts.
    Optionally, remove the middle (NO) contact’s pin with flush cutters or sidecutters.

    Soldering the microswitch wires

  2. Mount the D2F switch to the Y-axis endstop bracket using 2 M2x10mm screws as such that:

    • The bracket’s large mounting tab with the large mounting hole is pointing up and away from you
    • The switch’s lever pointing to the right and up.

    Or as shown:

    Mounting the microswitch to the Y-axis bracket

  3. Mount the assembled Y-axis endstop to the rail using 1 M4x8mm screw and 1 M4 T-nut.

    The Y-axis endstop is mounted front-left, immediately behind the left-side motor mount.

    Y endstop location