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3.1 Motor mounts + integrated hinges


Motor mount


Motor mount explosion

Material Quantity Notes
M3 6mm (countersunk) 6 -
M3 35mm 4 -
M4 10mm 12 -
M4 8mm (countersunk) 2 -
M4 30mm (hex bolt) 2 -
M4 40mm (barrelhead) 2 -
M4 t-nut 10 -
M4 nut 8 (also, for hinges)
4mm ID washer 2 -
NEMA 17 2 -
GT2 20T Pulley 2 -


File name Amount to print
Motor mount Part A Left + Right
Motor mount Part B Left + Right
X tensioner Left + Right
Tensioner knob 2
Integrated hinge 2
Hinge/motor reinforcement Left + Right

Step 1

Motor tensioner

First attach the printed tensioner to the motor like shown above

Step 2

Lower mount

Then attach the lower bracket of the motor mount to the frame

Step 3

Insert the M4 nut in the upper half of the motor mount and attach it on top of the lower mount and to the frame with M4 T-nuts. Don’t forget to tighten the two halves to the frame by screwing down the 40mm M4 into the printed M4 holder you inserted when assembling the frame.

Upper mount

Step 4

Complete mount

Attach the lowest part of the tensioner and motor, screw down the M4 in which the tensioner slides until it is snug, but the tensioner can still slide smoothly.

Step 5

Frame mount

Finally attach the small side panel piece and attach the front brace/integrated hinge and tensioner knob. The hinge and door assembly can also be installed now but for ease of working it is best to leave it off for now.

Step 6

Repeat for the other side