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VzBoT235 - Printed Version


Vz235 is the smaller brother of the original VzBot 330 - Printed Version / VzBot 330 - Mellow Kit 3D-printer. With its relatively small build volume, it has reduced weight and a smaller form factor. The design is built around the popular Creality Ender 3 bed, but is not limited to this size: the frame can be scaled up or down to fit the individual builder’s requirements.

On how to print the files for this printer please refer to print settings

We advice to build the printer in the following order:

  1. Frame
  2. Z-assembly & Bed
  3. Gantry
  4. Bottom and rear panel
  5. Fume extractor
  6. Electronics
  7. Side panels + RSCS
  8. Top cover and doors panel

Video tutorial

Vz235 AWD by Vez3D