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3.2(B) Secondary motor mounts/Idlers (AWD)


Rear mount detail

Material Quantity Notes
M3 6mm/8mm 6 Depending on your motor you’ll need a 6mm or 8mm bolt
M3 25mm 2 -
M3 nut 2 +4 when using M3 Shoulder bolts
M4 10mm 14 -
M4 T-nut 14 -
M4 nut 4 -
M5/M6 20mm 2 -
Shoulder bolt 5mmx20mm 4 Choose M4 or M3 Misumi version (available at F3D & Mellow)
NEMA 17 2 -
GT2 toothed idler 2 Low profile required, as available at Mellow & F3D
GT2 smooth idler 2 You’ll need the mellow version idler, the 18mm OD version won’t fit
GT2 20T Pulley 2 -
260mm 2020 extrusion 1 AWD only


Step 1

Rear lower part

Insert the M3 nut as shown by the arrow in the picture below (left and right):

Step 2

Insert the M4 nuts in the pulley mount bottom (left and right) part and install the motor with pulley. Mind that the left pulley has the grub screws on the upper side and the right mount needs the grub screws on the pulley on the lower side.

Step 3

Install all hardware on the lower idlers (left and right) and attach the 2020 extrusion connecting the two idlers/motor mounts.

Rear lower part

Step 4

Install the assembly in the frame

Step 5

Insert all hardware in the top pulley mounts, including idlers and shoulder bolts and attach them to their respective lower half.

Rear lower part