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To make EzVz work for everybody we have defined a common rule set among buyers and providers. If a user breaks these rules we keep ourselves the option to ban the user from the EzVz program depending on the rule break.


  1. Be nice to providers and customers. Any kind of disrespect, insulting or similar will lead to a ban from EzVz.
  2. Don’t misuse the system.
  3. Before creating a new order, or applying as an provider, be sure to read the how-tos of EzVz and make sure that you have understood the system.


As a provider you have to follow a certain given set of rules:

  1. Only accept orders you are able to finish in the near future.
  2. Don’t accept an order if you are not honestly interested in finishing it.
  3. Only use filaments which are authorized by the VzBoT Team.
  4. Use the prices we determined on the kits.
  5. If for any reason there should be an issue with the buyer, let the VzBoT team know, instead of trying to handle it by yourself.
  6. Make sure all your parts that you send match your usual EzVz quality.


As a buyer you need to follow a certain given set of rules:

  1. Only create orders which should be completed by an provider. Dont create orders for fun.
  2. Use correct information on your orders.
  3. If any problems in the process occurs, reach out to the VzBoT team.