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EzVz Providers

First of all congratulations for becoming part of the EzVz Providers Program. In this article you will learn about how to use the program to profit from it as a printed parts provider.

The general process

Before we go about on how you can print parts, you need to understand the stages a order goes trough.

We provide a certain set of kits (a collection of all required stls) which a new buyer can select from. Every kit has a set price from us.

  1. The buyer selects the kits he wants, as well as colors for the parts.
  2. The order gets listed, and the suppliers can see the order with the requirements
  3. If a supplier finds a order where he can meet the criteria, he can accept the order.
  4. The order no goes into a negotiation state. The provider and buyer can discuss about order details, shipping cost and a deadline.
  5. If both parties agree on a deal the printing state begins. The provider has now time to print the parts and start shipping them.
  6. As soon as the buyer receives the part, he can close the order and rate the provider.

Order picking

At the current state of EzVz there is no algorithm which determines which provider gets which order. It is a who comes first gets first system, and therefore is more like a printing job board. Providers can offer their service to existing orders and therefore let the buyer decide if they want to cooperate with them or not.


The VzBoT team and server is not responsible for the payment process between the provider and buyer. Both parties need to agree on that before an order can be finished. We only provide fixed prices for each kit, calculated using an open calculator.


At the current point, the profit margin is 35% of the price for materials and other costs (wear, electricity etc.)

Rating System

After an order has been finished, the buyer has the option to rate their experience with the provider. The provider can be rated in the following points:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Quality of printed parts
  • Friendliness
  • Overall Happiness with the provider

All ratings are stored in our database. As soon as a provider accepts an order and it goes into negotiation state, a summary of all ratings is provided for the buyer in form of 1-5 Stars.

If for any reason a provider should cancel an order after both parties have agreed on a deal, the cancellation will also be stored in our database and marked in the rating of the supplier as a finishing rate. This is to protect buyers from providers which are not able to provide consistently.

To get an overview of your average rating you can use /ezvz preview