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4. Gantry

The gantry comes pre-assembled with printed parts in PLA that are for transportation only. Please remove these parts and replace them with your own, printed parts as you see fit.

All LDO rails are from factory, and should also be cleaned and lubricated. It is also adviced to verify MGN12 Y rails for proper aligment using the MGN12 alignment tool.

  1. Replace the placeholder parts
  2. Printhead
  3. Belt tensioning

Placeholder parts

The Mellow VzBot kits come with placeholder printed parts on the gantry which allow the gantry to be shipped as a complete assembly. These parts need replacing with your own printed parts. Further instructions can be found on the placeholder parts page.


Video tutorial

The video tutorial below depicts the Vz235 (smaller printer) AWD configuration, but may still be useful to those building a 2WD kit. Many of the Vz235 aspects are scaled down things from the Vz330.

00:00 Intro 06:30 Y Rail installation
08:40 Front motor mounts
27:00 Rear motor mounts
47:15 Y gantry (or called XY joiner)
50:00 X axis
52:15 Vz-Printhead mounting
55:34 Belts installation
01:15:50 Back plate installation