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Goliath hot-end

The Goliath is a high-flow hot-end designed for high-speed printing.

The mounting pattern for the Goliath matches that of a Dragon hot end, and as such should be compatible with most printers compatible with the Dragon hot end.

Goliath | VzBoT3D / Goliath


The assembly instructions are in the sidebar, or on this page


List of resellers (this will be updated as the Goliath becomes available). Listed countries or regions are the target region of the webshop or store.

Tips for VzBoT Alu printhead

  • There are 3 positions you can use for the heatblock since there are 3 screws/standoffs. So you can rotate the heatblock to your need
  • You can add a heat insulation sleeve if you like to give more protection of the nichrome wire that sticks out:
  • If you run the Vz-Hextrudort CNC version with the Vz-Printhead, the PTFE tube between Goliath and Hextrudort should be 22mm long
  • Make sure everything is tighten properly and once you have it mounted and ready, do 2-3 heat cycle then tight the nozzle to between 1.2-1.4 nm (If you do not have a torque wrench, make sure you do not overtight the nozzle to damage thread on the copper heat block)

High temp Wire sleeve

Example showing it on the right side

Please make sure to read the Assembly instructions before proceeding with any wire management


Example showing it in the back, going under the printhead. image

20221107_205407 20221107_205417 20221107_205449 20221107_205648 20221107_213040 20221107_220011

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