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3.6 Y-axis endstop

Mounting the Y-axis (mechanical) endstop switch

Y_Switch_mount Y_Switch_excerpt



Material Quantity Notes
M2 10mm screw 2  
M4 8mm screw 1  
M4 t-nut 1  
D2F Microswitch 1 D2F with lever

Printed parts

Part Quantity
Y Endstop Mount 1


  1. Mount the D2F switch to the Y-axis endstop bracket using 2 M2x10mm screws as such that:

    • The bracket’s large mounting tab with the large mounting hole is pointing up and away from you
    • The switch’s lever pointing to the right and up.

    Or as shown:

    Mounting the microswitch to the Y-axis bracket

  2. Mount the assembled Y-axis endstop to the rail using 1 M4x8mm screw and 1 M4 T-nut.

    The Y-axis endstop is mounted front-left, immediately behind the left-side motor mount.

    Y endstop location Y_Switch_mount