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6. Electronics



This is a general overview of the parts recommended for a VzBot build. Everyone is free to use their own choice of parts. STL-files for other screens etc are not natively provided and may be found in the community mod section on GitHub and Discord.

We trust everyone to use their own best judgement when wiring their printer, we do not recommend to do this without professional help if you are inexperienced in electronics.


Material Quantity Notes
LED strip 310mm 3  
Mainboard 1  
BTT Pi TFT50 1  
PSU 24V 1  
PSU 48V 1  
Wires -  
C14 power switch 1  
Power cord 1  


File name Amount to print Notes
LED strip bracket 3 Print in vase mode
Optional front LEDs 1 Optional, for front LED’s
Electronics bay trim (left) 1  
Electronics bay trim (right) 1 Houses the power switch/socket
Screen mount 1 One of each applicable
Door stopper 1  

Video tutorial

Vz235 Build Part 4: The electronics

[…] Drilling, cutting and such are not applicable to Mellow kit

00:00 Intro
01:59 Layout
09:30 Design & Print
10:11 Motherboard mount
14:59 Stepper motor drivers
17:57 Install fuses
18:46 SPI & UART mode
19:38 Fan port setup
21:29 Pi USB power
22:28 Sensorless homing
26:53 Power supplies
29:40 DIN rail
30:05 CPAP fan prep
36:47 Mount CPAP fan
37:09 Cable guides
40:11 Mount backplate
41:05 Design intermission
45:01 CPAP tube routing

46:19 Wiring: overview
48:55 Wiring: tools
51:54 Wiring: Mains / AC
54:23 Wiring: Bed
56:14 Wiring: 24v & 48v DC
59:21 Wiring: Motors
01:01:46 Wiring: Sensors, fans, endstops, …
01:02:46 Endstop switches X, Y, Z

01:03:35 Print head
01:04:36 Pi peripherals
01:05:48 Bottom skirts
01:08:00 Back panel installed

01:09:05 Wiring: Camera
01:12:16 Wiring: CPAP PWM wire
01:13:04 Wiring: LED, Chamber sensor
01:14:09 Wiring: Pi Screen
01:15:45 Wiring: ⚠️ 24v correction

01:16:30 First turn-on: fixing issues
01:18:12 Second time’s the charm??
01:20:04 Enclosure panels, RSCS

01:21:12 A/B Motors AWD recap
01:22:13 Firmware? dreams
01:22:37 Vez happy man :) 🍻
01:23:00 Closing remarks