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How EzVz works

Before we show you an in depth tutorial on how to use the EzVz Program, it is mandatory to understand the steps and general idea behind EzVz.

Please see the dedicated Customer guide and Provider guide for more in-depth information and guidelines.

The commands and/or bot interactions are all meant to be ran or interacted with from the #order channel in the EZVZ ORDERS channels category, to be found in the VzBoT Discord community.


EzVz is a programme where customers can order professionally and qualitatively produced printed parts for the VzBoT printers.

EzVz utilizes the principle of order picking. This means that customers (also often called buyers) can submit their order to a (semi-)public queue (Discord category called EzVz-Orders) that can be read out by registered EzVz providers.
These orders also relay some basic personal information required for providers to complete your order:

  • Country
  • Continent
  • Filament preferences
  • Requested main and accent colours

After submitting your order, a private channel for your order and/or provider will be created. A prompt will be visible to possible providers, whom can then decide to engage with an order if they wish to do so. After engaging with this order, further details can be negotiated between the customer and provider.

In an effort to streamline the process of finding a provider or order to fulfill, providers will preferentially be served orders originating from the same continent as they are registered to provide services in. If no local providers are available, providers from the closest continent will be substituted instead.

Order statuses

After submitting your order, the order goes through certain steps:

  1. The buyer selects the kits they want produced, as well as any specifications for the parts
  2. The order gets listed, and providers can see the order
  3. If a provider finds an order they would like to complete, they can decide to accept the order
  4. The order now goes into a negotiation state.
    The provider and buyer can discuss order details, shipping costs, any special details and a deadline.
  5. If both parties agree on a deal, the printing can commence. A standard time frame is appointed, and the provider is expecetd to complete the order and ship the parts as requested within the given time frame. The provider is expected to print the parts and start shipping them within this time frame.
  6. The buyer received the parts, and can close the order if no other issues arise.

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