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8.1 top cover & latches




Material Quantity Notes
M3 8mm 8 -
M3 nut 8 -
M4 10mm 8 -
M4 t-nut 8 -
2x8mm Magnet 8 -
395X405X3 mm acrylic panel 1 Refer to the .step file for placement of the cutouts



Step 1

Insert the magnets in the top and bottom parts. They should be press fit, if not tight enough use some superglue

Step 2

Screw the bottom part with M4 in each corner of the frame.

Step 3

Insert the rest of the magnets and m3 nuts in the middle pieces.

Step 4

Attach the top and middle piece to each corner of the panel and test the functionality of the top cover latch mechanism.