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The VzBoT 330 is the larger brother of the VzBot 235 - Printed Version / VzBot 235 - Mellow Kit 3D-printer.

The original VzBoT 330 was based on the frame of a TronXY X5S(A) printer and has since evolved to be much more than that. While it can still be built as an upgrade of the original Tronxy X5S(A), it is no longer recommended due to the large amount of leftover parts this results in. Kits such as the VzBoT 330 - Mellow Kit have made this process much easier by providing all the staritng materials you will need without any leftovers.

Printed parts

The printed parts for the VzBoT 330 can be found on the VzBoT3D / VzBoT-Vz330 GitHub repository. The original (CAD) model files for the VzBoT 330 can be found here

For instructions on how to print the required printed parts, please see the general print settings guide.

Building the printer

When building the VzBoT 330, please refer to the order of assembly and the instructions that are aimed at your specific type of build. They differ slightly for the purpose of easing the assembly process.

It is recommended to use the provided .step files while assembling. This manual only covers the most critical parts of the build at this moment. For using the .step files as part of the build we recommend the free version of Autodesk Fusion360, it is not hard to use and look around in the files, so even people without prior experience can do this!

From scratch

We recommend following this order of building the printer if building from scratch:

  1. Frame
  2. Z-assembly & Bed
  3. X/Y Gantry & Print head
  4. Bottom and rear panels
  5. Fume extractor
  6. Electronics, wiring and firmware
  7. Side panels and RSCS
  8. Top cover, doors and trims

TronXY X5S(A) conversion

We recommend following this order of building the printer if upgrading from a TronXY X5S(A).

  1. X/Y Gantry & Print head
  2. Bottom and rear panels
  3. Z-assembly & Bed
  4. Fume extractor
  5. Electronics, wiring and firmware
  6. Side panels and RSCS
  7. Top cover, doors and trims


VzBoT is an open source passion project. This manual is not definitive, and we try to keep it up-to-date as often as possible. As errors are always possible, please use your personal judgement to keep yourself from doing things that could be ill-advised.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord community.