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VzBoT-330 Printed parts

Printed parts parameters such as weight and volume are based on printing settings used for the EzVz programme.

Printing settings

The general printing settings recommended for VzBoT-330 parts are as follows:

Setting Recommended value
Layer height 0.2mm
Layer width 0.4-0.6mm
Outside perimiters (walls) 4
Top/bottom layers 5
Infill 40-50% cubic, triangular, gyroid or honeycomb

For more detailed print settings & printing information, please see General - Print settings



Name Quantity Weight
Lower 2 138.17g
Middle Lower 2 67g
Middle upper 2 80.1g
Top Upper 2 62.46g
Top Lower 2 91g

Fume exhaust & filter


Name Quantity Weight
Spacer Feet 4 10.7g
Feet 4 173.6g
2020 Endcap 8 11.4g
Frame_brace 2 102.9g
Cable holder frame Side 1 10.88g
Handle 2 72.2g


Name Quantity Weight
Y gantry tube spacers 4 1g
CF tube ends 2 10.9g
X limit switch stopper 1 1g

Motor mounts

⚠️Warning: contains only printed parts required for Mellow kit build

Name Quantity Weight
todo …. ….

Z-axis assembly

Name Quantity Weight
Z stop switch mount 1 ?
Z stop switch mount AWD 1 ?

Z-motor Mount

Name Quantity Weight
Single Z-motor setup:    
Single Z-motor upper bracket 1 ?
Single Z-motor Lower bracket 1 ?
Z Lead screw lower bracket 2 ?
Z Lead screw upper bracket 2 ?
Dual Z-motor setup:    
Dual Z-Motor mount 2 ?

Z Rod Mount


Name Quantity Weight
todo …. ….


Name Quantity Weight
todo …. ….

Front screen

Name Quantity Weight
todo …. ….

Front doors

Name Quantity Weight
todo …. ….

Trim pieces

Name Quantity Weight
todo …. ….




This list may be incomplete. Please alert a team member if you find any errors.