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Placeholder parts

The Mellow VzBot kits come with placeholder printed parts on the gantry which allow the gantry to be shipped as a complete assembly. These parts need replacing with your own printed parts.

The pre-installed printed gantry parts are made out of PLA plastic, and can be recognized by their red colour.

To learn more about printing your own parts, read our printed parts info.


While the PLA plastic parts are a good starting point and provide you with a clear reference as to how the gantry is assembled, they are not suitable or intended for use in your final printer. Therefor, it is highly recommended to swap these PLA printed parts for parts printed out of a material that is resistant to high temperatures and overall more suitable for use in the gantry.

The PLA parts may warp or melt completely when used in the (enclosed) printer for even relatively short periods of time.

Parts to replace